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Farallon Islands: The Devil's Teeth
By Marla Daily
127 pages, 186 photographs, 2 maps
• Softcover, 2019...$20.00


Anacapa Island
By Marla Daily
128 pages, 194 photographs
• Softcover, 2018…$20.00

Anacapa Island Book

West of the West
Tales from California's Channel Islands
By Brent Sumner, Sam Tyler and Peter S. Seaman
• DVD 3 hours...$20.00


The California Channel Islands
By Marla Daily
128 pages, 216 photographs, 10 maps
• Softcover, 2012...$20.00


San Miguel Island: My Childhood Memoir 1930-1942
By Betsy Lester Roberti
130 pages, 83 photographs, 2 maps
• Softcover
• Occasional Paper #10, 2008...$15.00


Once Upon an Island
By Michel Peterson • 193 pages, 55 photographs
• Softcover
• Occasional Paper #9, 1998...$15.00

Island of the Cowboys: Santa Rosa Island
Edited by Kerry Blankenship Allen
200 Pages, 66 photographs, 1 map
• Island of the Cowboys provides a rare glimpse of the development of Ranching on Santa Rosa Island, spanning three family partnership eras and two centuries.
• Softcover
• Occasional Papers #7, 1996...$15.00


Santa Barbara Island
Edited by Marla Daily • Including A Revised Flora of Santa Barbara Island • by Steve Junak, Ralph Philbrick, and Charles Drost
• 112 Pages, 44 Photographs, 3 maps
• Softcover
• Occasional Papers #6, 1993...$15.00


Senor Castillo,Cock of Santa Cruz Island
By Helen Caire
Foreword by Marla Daily
• 75 Pages, 49 photographs, 8 maps
• Softcover
• Occasional Paper #3, 1990...$15.00



Richard Diebenkorn & Carey Stanton: A Private Collection
By Marla Daily
136 Pages, color photos of 46 works, 32 color photographs, 68 black and white photographs, plus correspondence, and 2 maps
• Softcover...$39.95

Cowboy Island: Farewell to a Ranching Legacy
Text by Gretel Ehrlich, edited by Nita Vail with an introduction by Marla Daily
136 pages, 168 photographs, 2000
• Regular edition, Hardcover $49.50
• Special limited edition of 150, in slipcase, numbered, signed by the author
with a Santa Rosa Island map tipped in.
Limited edition, Hardcover $125.00

An Island Memoir
By Carey Stanton
• Los Angeles: Santa Cruz Island Company, 1984
• 38 Pages, 33 Photographs, 2 maps
Hard cover, numbered limited edition....$50.00

Santa Cruz Island: A History and Recollections of an Old California Rancho
By Helen Caire
Special Limited Edition, numbered, signed by the author with a small ficha* Laid-in
Special Limited Edition, numbered, signed by the author with a large ficha* Laid-in

*NOTE: During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, sheep shearers employed on Santa Cruz Island were given a coin (ficha) for each animal shorn. These coins are made available for the first time in the special limited edition of Helen Caire's book.
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The Wine of Santa Cruz Island
By Tom Pinney with a foreword by Marla Daily &
101 Pages, 22 illustrations,
1994 Trade Edition, Hard cover...$60.00

Channel Islands National Park: A Photographic Interpretation
By Tim Hauf
113 pages, 137 color photographs, 5 maps
Hardcover 1996...$29.95


Shaded-relief map of Santa Rosa Island
Illustrated by Joann Tanner Rounds......$6.00
Full-color geological map of Santa Rosa Island, 1998 Illustrated by Thomas W. Dibblee, Jr.,John Wooley, and Helmut E. Ehrenspeck
Occasional Map #2...$15.00